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Our Values

Transparency + Honesty

We take a lot of pride in our relationships with our clients. We're not one of those agencies that drop you like it's hot after we have completed our project together, no. We stay together with you for the long-haul. We value transparency, honesty, integrity, and quality. Our projects are made with love, passion, and intention. We always have you and your business needs at the forefront of our minds and give you everything we've got to make your business a success. And then we cheer right along with you on your successes. Don't believe us? Ask our clients. They will tell you.

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First things first: the research phase - one of the most important steps. We take our time scoping out the competition. We have insider tools that give us a peek into where you can get a leg up in the industry. It’s a small, but important element of the bigger picture when finding out where you want to be.


We focus on the questions that will develop your unique marketing strategy. Our job here is listening. We hone in on exactly what you need to fully expand your brand’s story. We talk about functionality, automations, and dive in to understand how your customer will have the best experience. And of course, we want to know how to make it easiest for you.


The next phase of work is where we add the sparkle that makes the website special to you. It’s the creative and fun part. We thoughtfully layer portfolio images, curated fonts, colors, and subtle animations that exemplify your work and give it a distinctive feel, making it all yours.


Once we have the framework in place, we dig into individual page needs. We create solutions with an eye toward functionality. There’s a lot to consider, we know. What goes above and below the fold? How long are the pages? What are you saying exactly? What images will we use? This is behind-the-scenes technical work. We do it so you don’t have to.


This piece of the project is where we learn the most. It's where all of the little details are ironed out to ensure that those who come to your website are able to find everything easy peasy, but also to visually see how folks are using the site and if they're using it how it was intended.


We test the end-to-end functionality of your website to ensure all buttons are going where they are meant to, all automations are being triggered properly, and the responsiveness of the design is reacting sufficiently for each of the most popular screen sizes.


Celebrating all of your hard work is necessary. Putting together an effective website requires team work in the best way. Here, we will train you on how to make standard changes to your new website, we will install Hotjar and Google Analytics on the back-end, and set-up the Meta Data Descriptions to ensure you're getting all the clicks via Google.


The installation of Hotjar is so incredibly helpful for us to continue to check-up on your website post-implementation. It allows for us to see how people are using your site and ensure there design is responding to various screen sizes. It allows for us to make minor changes to make the experience just a smidge more perfect. We monitor each site for 30 days post-implementation for no additional costs. Should something not function within those 30 days, we'll fix it. No questions asked.

How We Work

Zhooshing isn’t for the faint of heart. So we employ a skilled, fun team to pull your ideas down into a cohesive site that makes sense to you and your clients. Designers, writers, and photographers (plus a couple of renegades) are all onboard here. Each one of us holds a special place in our hearts for creative work. We love what we do. And our websites and testimonials prove it.

Meet the Team

Denise Foy


Denise founded de la foye design studio (now Zhoosh) in 2018 from an experience she had when helping a friend thrive in Bali. She's a veteran project manager and brings her project management experience into every project she has with her clients. She creates the websites for her clients with heart and loves every moment of the creative process.

Lindsay Nichols


Lindsay started out as a young art student and then moved into Marketing Project Management. She combines her agency experience with a creative eye for storytelling. She understands what content works and what doesn't. Research is where she learns your industry. Writing is where she makes your brand shine. She's a true gem, holding all of our values dear. She writes with love and passion-and it shows!

Lisa Sciascia


Lisa is the Photographer you *want* on your team. She operates with an extremely high level of detail mixed with a gorgeous dose of creativity. Throughout her long career, she has been fortunate enough to photograph for large brands and really well known celebrities. You know you'll be getting the best of the best when working with Lisa.