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an online course for small businesses

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After working with small businesses around the world, I've noticed there are several things they all have in common:

1) they don't know who their target audience is (most think everyone is their target!),

2) they don't understand what branding is and why it's important,

3) and they like to write a lot of fluff that has most people crossing their eyeballs.


I've also learned that several of them simply don't have the budget to afford a designer from the start, so I wanted to put together a course that is affordable, teaches you everything I know about creating an effective website, and provides an opportunity for us to DO THIS TOGETHER... so that you're not alone. Because if there's something else that I've learned - it's so much easier working on everybody else's stuff.


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What You'll Learn

Knowledge is...

Knowledge is power! Yeah! With that in mind, we created this course to teach you everything the DIY platforms don't. There's so much more than just making a pretty looking website. It must be impactful, useful, easy to navigate, POWERFUL! It's the first impression you'll have on a good majority of your future customers, why not invest a little time to make sure that it's your best foot forward for the future of you and your business?


($60 Savings + time with our expert)


- 8 modules

- 23 sessions

- Course resources

- 2 hours of Denise's time to help guide you along the way

The videos are concise and very informative. I particularly liked how easy the information is to consume. It has been delivered in an easy to consume and implement format.

Irene S.

Business Owner | England


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$69.99 USD

Branding 101

During this module, you will learn:
- Creating branding guides
- Defining your customers’ avatar (persona)
- Color codes + theory
- Type fonts

Creating Content

During this module, you will learn:
- Online marketing basics
- How to create a content strategy
- Basic sales techniques

Content Analysis

During this module, you will learn:
- How to analyze your content for success
- Creating a Google My Business profile and how
- Determining functionality
- Defining your “call-to-action”
- Testing your content


During this module, you will learn:
- Design techniques to think about
- What not to do when designing your website
- Rule-of-thumb with photography
- Designing the mobile version


During this module, you will learn:
- Accessibility and why it’s so important
- Steps to take to ensure your website is accessible
- What tools to use to test your website and colors

SEO Best Practices

During this module, you will learn:
- Our top 6 Best practices for SEO
- How to implement these tips in your website
- Keyword research tools you can use


During this module, you will learn:
- Why user experience testing is so important
- How to create testing scenarios for both user experience and functional testing
- How to perform user experience testing with friends


During this session, you will learn:
- How to perform domain research
- What tools to use on the back-end
- How to publish your website using WiX
- How to add a Favicon to your site
- And other little details to look out for


Purchase Course

$499.99 USD

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