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Mary Montalvo

Mary Montalvo is the fearless leader of North Carolina Wine Academy. She is a brilliant entrepreneur with so many wonderful ideas. What she struggled with, however, was how to organize all of her amazing ideas into a cohesive, clean way so that those who stumble across her website aren't overwhelmed. That's where we came in.



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Screenshot of NCWA website
Screenshot of NCWA website
Screenshot of NCWA website
Screenshot of NCWA website

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The Result

The devil is in the details.

The first step we take in all of our projects is research. What are other wine academies doing? What are they not doing? What can we do to make the user experience better? How can we make Mary's life easier with back-end automations and functionality? Then, together we looked at her old website to figure out what can stay versus what will go. We advised Mary based on our research with a plan for how we can elevate the user experience. We identified she had two very separate personas and designed two separate landing pages for those personas. We also convinced her to let us re-brand to appeal to those personas. Thankfully, she agreed.

Screenshot of NCWA website
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