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Screenshot of Comfy Fitness website

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Kira, Carrie, and Kristina

Carrie + Kira are the fabulous owners of Comfy Fitness. Prior to COVID-19, they had a brick-and-mortar business. During COVID, they decided to transfer their business solely online, into the comfort of your home. Although they offer several classes per week, their old platform didn’t give their members a way to sign-up for the classes. A lot of their processes were very manual, resulting in too much time spent on administrative tasks.


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Screenshot of Comfy Fitness website
Screenshot of Comfy Fitness website
Screenshot of Comfy Fitness website
Screenshot of Comfy Fitness website

Website Features

The Result

The dream team.

Working with Carrie + Kira was a dream. First, we wanted to understand their current process. When someone signs up as a new member, how are they onboarded? When they want to take a class, how do they sign up? What are the manual tasks they would like to automate? How can we take away those administrative tasks so they can focus on more important parts of their business?


Luckily, they had all of their branding sorted. They were so organized with the structure of how they wanted the website to work that our task was to figure out how to display this information so that it’s easy to understand for the user. Of all of the projects we had done in the past, this was one of the most challenging projects. When we did the big reveal, they were so happy with the result. You can imagine that was a huge relief for us as we certainly bit off a few more fingernails than normal.

Screenshot of Comfy Fitness website
Screenshot of Comfy Fitness website on mobile

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“We have been in business for 13 years, and over 13 years' time, a business goes through several different websites. Working with Denise on our biggest web undertaking was possibly one of the best vendor experiences we've ever had. We were building a membership site that was going to be extremely complicated, complete with automatic emails, contracts, forms, and of course, a membership platform and forum. Boy am I glad we chose ZHOOSH for this. Denise's professionalism was the driving factor to a timely and complete experience. In our past, we've often found that WE'VE had to be the drivers of a timeline. That's really difficult when we have a business to run. Denise kept us on point, focused, and continually reminded us of our deadlines. So, so, so helpful with such a BIG project. She's also a great listener. Anytime we had a question or a request, she made herself available and gave us honest feedback. If she didn't think we were making a good choice on something, she'd let us know, which is helpful when it comes to something like a website. Another awesome piece of her service is the time she took with us after the design of the site was complete to teach us how to make our own changes so we are not dependent completely on her for any simple site updates. When things change in your business regularly, this is an important tool. Having said that, however, she is still an ancillary part of our team. When we need something, we don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help - and her response is still timely! And as for the design itself, well, I think a look at our site is all you need: She took our logo, our brand, and our site's ultimate purpose and created something that is a delight to navigate. We are extremely proud, and will certainly continue working with Denise in the years to come.”


Kira Macoun


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