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Screenshot of Ward 32 website

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Scott Waguespack

Scott’s office contacted us because, guess what, their website no longer worked! They didn’t have the password or the knowledge of how to go in and fix it. And even if they did, it was so outdated that it wouldn’t have been worth the effort. Instead, they hired us to bring them current on technology and to help provide their users with a clean, clear way of getting the information they want at their fingertips… or, shall we say, clicks?


Events calendar

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Blog app

Screenshot of Ward 32 website
Screenshot of Ward 32 website
Screenshot of Ward 32 website
Screenshot of Ward 32 website

Website Features

The Result

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We worked together with their team to determine their requirements. What information do they need to include? What functionality do they want to have? What are they doing currently in the office that we can automate? How do we want to break down the information so that it makes sense for the user? Our Google Doc for this project was the longest we have ever had, so being strategic about how we display the information was critical for the success of this project. We worked together with one of our photographers to get beautiful photos of their ward and of Scott and the result is exactly what we had hoped - clean, clear, and concise.

Screenshot of Ward 32 website
Screenshot of Ward 32 website on mobile

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“Our office had a great experience from day one working with Denise and her team.  We were able to continue to do the website work on design and logistics despite the Covid pandemic and she was always available for any issues that popped up. She kept us up to date on a frequent basis and provided us with new ideas based on input from many people with some differing views. She has since continued to keep in touch on new ideas or changes that might need to be made.  We highly recommend her work and would do another website design and build out with her.  She does all this with a friendly smile and made the process just great.”


Scott Waguespack


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