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There are many reasons why a business should invest in creating a website and establish their online presence. The global marketplace is extremely crowded and competitive, and small businesses are constantly fighting for a piece of that proverbial pie. Creating a quality website for your business is essential for so many reasons. Here are a few worth mentioning:

Building Brand Identity

To start, remember that today’s consumers heavily rely on the likes of Yahoo, Bing, Google, Yelp and other online sites to help them plan for where they will spend their money next. In order to best present your business online, it is essential to build your brand identity by having strong online representation. Creating an effective website to better promote your business is a great place to start!

Business Growth

A website is a very cost effective marketing tool that is bound to help your business grow. It allows a convenient way for your customers to better understand what your business offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Establishing Credibility and Trust

By having a website, you can also build credibility for your business by telling consumers why they should trust you. You can build trust by including testimonials and facts about your business. This type of information is called dynamic content, as well as posting photos, specials, and the latest news. Did you know that dynamic content will also help with your ranking on search engine results?

Making a First Impression

Your website is often times the first impression people receive about your business. Consumers will quickly pass judgment on your business and decide whether or not they will visit, or spend their hard earned cash with, your business. They may completely dismiss you, should they believe your website doesn’t reflect the kind of experience they should expect to receive. You can make a great impression by displaying high-quality images of your products and services. This could also potentially get your company noticed on image-heavy media sites such as Pinterest!

A Word of Caution!

A word of caution - if you have a BAD website, it’s best to have NO website at all. Having no website equals missed opportunities, while having a bad website can cause more harm than good, as it may misrepresent your business… or just make it look bad altogether.

As you can see, there are many benefits for having a website, no matter the size of your business. If you need help taking advantage of all a website has to offer, please contact us today for an initial consultation. Let us help you do what you do best!

Are you just starting you business and want to know how to create a website yourself? We’ve put together a Master Course on How to Create a BOMBASTIC Website that will teach you this and so much more. Check it out!

~Denise Foy - Web Designer @ ZHOOSH

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