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Denise made the process comfortable and provided step-by-step guidance in the most calm and gentle manner. She's a real pro. Denise has great ideas, and makes the task fun.

Sue P.

Our office had a great experience from day one working with Denise and her team. We were able to continue to do the website work on design and logistics despite the Covid pandemic and she was always available for any issues that popped up.

Scott W.

Denise unlocked my potential as a photographic website proprietor. She is creative, warm, and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to further work in the future.

Scott M.

With a very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly demeanor. Denise turned my frog website into a princess! She helped give my brand a look that I can be proud of.

Michelle E.

She took our logo, our brand, and our site's ultimate purpose and created something that is a delight to navigate. We are extremely proud, and will certainly continue working with Denise in the years to come.

Kira M.

She excelled at taking my ideas and turning them into a beautiful and functional website that has taken my business to the next level.

Heather B.

She had so many creative ideas to enliven my site and make it both engaging and interactive. It truly was a joy to work with Denise, and I am lucky to call her a friend now, too.

Cam A.

From Our Friends

Julieta Diaz as a small child

Julieta Diaz

Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Nichols

Copywriter + SEO Wiz

Lindsay Nichols as a child

Our Creators

When you embark on creating your brand, you need a dynamic team that makes it fun. From a young age, we were creatives at heart. And now that we’re older, that creative spark has been nurtured through research, analytics, and experience. We know what it takes to build the website of your dreams!

Denise Foy as a child

Denise Foy

Creative Director + Web Designer


Meet the Team

Our Services

Our bread and butter are custom-tailored websites. Since we know design (it’s our true passion!), we create websites that incite curiosity and speak to your target customer.


Your website isn’t just another page on the internet. It is an extension of your business and an expression of you. With a strategic design mindset, unique branding, and innovative technology we add that little something extra to bring your business to life.  Your Zhoosh website will draw in your ideal clients, leaving them informed and in love. 


Did we mention we make it easy too? (Like, SUPER easy.) Our Project Manager always makes sure you're informed with regular updates, keeping all of us organized as we move forward with completing your project.

Design strategy isn't just pretty pictures and some nice text on a page. There are so many other details you can’t overlook.  


To create an exceptional user experience (aka UX), we work to understand where your business goals align with function. We take a good look at your current and future processes. We dig deep to find out how everything works.


Roll that up with powerful, strategic design and you get a website that works for your customer…and more importantly, you!

After working with small businesses around the world, we've noticed there are some things they have in common:

1) They don't know who their target audience is. Most think everyone is their target, but that’s just not true.

2) They don't understand exactly what branding is and why it's important.

3) They tend to write a lot of fluff that has most people crossing their eyeballs and provides no added value.

4) Some simply don't have the budget to afford a designer from the start.

5) It’s easier to work on other people's sites than it is your own.

In response to these findings, we found an educational need.


We now offer a MasterClass that is affordable, teaches you everything we know about creating an effective website, and provides an opportunity for us to DO IT TOGETHER. You're not alone. Click on "MASTERCLASS" to learn more. <---

Talking about yourself is hard–maybe one of the hardest parts of creating a brand story. It’s ok though! Our content and copywriting team isn’t afraid of words. They are fearless when it comes to crafting original content that compels people to choose you over the competition. Weaving your tone and voice together with your business goals is an art form we’re good at. Copywriting is part of our custom website packages as a single, flat fee.

Your brand is so much more than a logo. It’s the feeling people get when they interact with your business. It’s the experience you create in each meeting with a client. And no surprise here–that includes your online presence. Imagine if every touchpoint was intentional and refined. What if your business’s story feels authentic through thoughtfully-chosen details?

Branding is a puzzle with a lot of pieces. It’s our job to help you clarify your vision, amplify your voice, and put it all together. We translate and build. You get a distinctive look and feel that gets your brand seen and heard.

Have you ever wondered why social media presence is so important? Let's break it down for you:

  1. Brand Visibility

  2. Direct Communication

  3. Customer Engagement

  4. Market Research

  5. Content Distribution

  6. Advertising

  7. Competitive Advantage

  8. Community Building

  9. Crisis Management

  10. Global Reach

Our team works together with yours to assess your goals and take steps to ensure our efforts are helping you achieve those goals, all the while hitting each and every point mentioned above.



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Welcome to Zhoosh!

As an award-winning digital agency, our team has been ZHOOSH'ing up websites since 2018. We work together with businesses to achieve their dreams, propel their brand to the next level, and make more money (how does 30% growth revenue sound?).


Our heart is set on your goals. Our dedication is to creating meaningful work for your business. We do what we do because we love it. And that's why our clients hire us.

Our latest release! 

Experience it yourself!



Cam Axelrood

Interview Excellence

Website Design + Branding

The ladies at Comfy Fitness - Kira Macoun + Carrie Drupac

Comfy Fitness

Website Design

Scott Waguespack

Scott Waguespack - 32nd Ward Alderman

Website Design

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Through our Client Stories, we share our story together and testimonials that show what we do truly made a difference for them and their businesses. These are some of our favorite projects. They showcase where we made the biggest impact and how we’re more than just a creative agency. We’re on your team!

Our Work

Our Thoughts

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Click here for five steps on how to write copy for your website.

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Have you ever wondered if your branding impacts the way people see you?

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Do you want to know why its' important to put love into everything you do for your business? We have the answers.

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